Volunteer Training

Training for Confidence in Your Role!

Once you have registered by submitting the Volunteer Forms, you are ready to watch the Orientation and Dementia Training videos (below) for success in your role.

OASIS Orientation

In this training video you will learn about the Program History, the Mission & Vision, Volunteer Role and Expectations, and Supports for Volunteers.

OASIS Dementia Training for Volunteers

In this training video you will learn about Dementia, Caregiver Impacts, Communication Techniques and Approaches to use with Behavioral and/or Psychological Symptoms.

Dementia Live

An evidence-informed, high-impact experience that immerses participants into life with Dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment and sensory change. It’s a vital component to volunteer training.

Training held at La Crosse County Administrative Building

Volunteers must be registered and completed training prior to scheduling.