OASIS requests that participants stay for the entire scheduled time. Seeing others leave can cause confusion and disruption to participants, so we kindly request participants stay for the allotted time. Please discuss any necessary changes with OASIS Staff.


OASIS provides a nutritious snack and beverage for its program participants. If snack is not needed, please arrive at 12pm instead. Food allergies or sensitivities can be noted on Participant Intake form.


OASIS will follow current guidelines for COVID-19 and other illnesses including recommended sanitation practices. Prior to entry into OASIS Respite Program site, caregivers will need to answer the CDC COVID-19 Screening questions. Temperature of each participant will be taken using a touchless thermometer. If a fever is detected, the participant will need to return home.


OASIS can provide extra clothing or will store an extra top and bottom from home in case a participant needs to change. The program’s CNA will assist with any clean up and changing of clothes. Incontinence products are provided as needed.