Respite Time

OASIS requests that participants stay for the entire scheduled time. Seeing others leave can cause confusion, or disruption for other participants. Please discuss any necessary changes with the OASIS Program Coordinator.

Variety and Flavor

OASIS provides a nutrition focused, flavor forward meals and snacks for its program participants. A variety of beverages are offered to boost hydration. Any food allergies or sensitivities should be noted on Participant Intake form.

Safe Space

OASIS will follow current guidelines for COVID-19 and other illnesses, including recommended sanitation practices.

If your loved one has been ill, mask wearing is recommended.
If your loved one is not feeling well, please keep them home and comfortable.
If your loved one feels ill during their respite time, OASIS Staff will contact the caregiver or utilize the In Case of Emergency form.


Caregivers are encouraged to bring extra clothing (a top, socks, and bottoms) from home in case of incontinence. The program’s CNA or volunteers will assist with any clean up and changing of clothes. Incontinence products can be provided in case of emergency to maintain dignity.